History of Sorts blog.. found this blog by following a link from DC Gilberts site and thought it was well worth a re-blog..great piece of Spitfire history, read it below800px-Spitfire_VII_Langley_USA

History of Sorts


I am not an aviation expert and even less of a military aviation expert, far from it. But that is what makes the Spitfire so special. Despite my ignorance in all matters aviation I do know what a Spitfire is, and like me anyone who doesn’t have a clue about airplanes they still will recognize a Spitfire.


Although there have been many other majestic fighters during WWII like for example the Mustang.


It is the Spitfire which is most recognizable of all of them. As I said earlier everyone knows how a Spitfire looks like.

The Spitfire was designed by Reginald Mitchell of Supermarine Ltd., in response to a 1934 Air Ministry specification calling for a high-performance fighter with an armament of eight wing-mounted 0.303-inch (7.7-mm) machine guns.


One of the Spitfire’s most important contributions to Allied victory was as a photo-reconnaissance aircraft from early 1941. Superior high-altitude performance rendered it all but…

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Battle of Britain Matchstick models

img_3715 (2)

Picked these up on the cheap…..what really got me was the amount of time and effort that has gone into producing these models.

As you can see there is some damage… not sure how I will repair them as my eye sight is not that good at this time.


Its quite unbelievable that these are made from matchsticks….

img_3706img_3701img_3705 (2)img_3712

Anyway, it will be a task for a rainy day in the future and will make a great display once repaired…

If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment….