Music (can’t play an instrument? can’t sing?) It’s still possible!!

Many years ago I was married to a very talented women, she could sing, play the keyboards. As a lover of many different genres, mostly depending on my mood at the time the years I spent married to this women deepened my understanding of how a song is developed and brought to live.


Within a couple of years or so she joined a local band, I accompanied her to every practice session and live gig.  As time progressed I became involved directly with the band, even though I couldn’t play a single note or sing (well not in tune).

What was I doing, I became their lighting engineer, building sound to light modules, some from scratch others by simply incorporating what was available on the shelf.  It soon became apparent that the skills I had could also be utilised for their sound.


At that time the drummer was not just drumming but also mixing their overall sound.  For almost a year I shadowed the drummer, learnt all about how each channel on the mixer worked, at home researched more and more until i was confident enough to take over the bands sound, thus becoming their sound engineer as well as lighting engineer.

At one of the many practice sessions at our home I discovered a new talent, one for writing lyrics.  Before I new it, the band was singing and performing songs that I had written and played a direct part in their production, tempo, melodies.


The status quo continued for many years until like many around the world our relationship/marriage broke down..

It’s been over 15 years since I last wrote and lyrics let alone produced any songs.  However, due to me about to complete the process of writing a WWII thriller which I will be publishing myself, I thought about how to market and promote my book…..


One aspect of that is possibly through music,  but how could I even begin to do that? I no longer had anyone around me to play the track let alone sing it.   So, firstly I wrote the lyrics and then set to finding the required individuals to bring it alive.

With the internet you can find some extremely professional people, singers, instrument professionals, sound masters and mixers….It’s simply amazing how quickly and easily the process is in today’s world.  Back in the 90’s we paid over £500 for a studio mix and mastering session for an album with only 6 tracks on it.

Nowadays you can get a completed track done for less than £100, if you know where to find them, these very talented people that is…Here is just one of the tracks, (Now you will pay)  which I own full copyrights to:

This track along with a video, which again you can find people to do for you will be used to help promote my book….which is coming soon..  It is also one of 5 tracks that will be available soon on many platforms…..I will update this page with a list soon..

The internet allows even those with totally no talent to accomplish anything!! whats your thoughts? on the track, as well as what can be accomplished using the internet..  leave your comments fokes!!

All accomplished using   The greatest place to find people to collaborate with.. anything can be accomplished with a little imagination and effort.. Hit the link above to find anyone for anything!!