Help.. which book cover do you prefer?

So I am struggling now with my first novel (book cover) and so I thought I would enlist you help guys…  by the way its coming soooooooon!!

this is the back cover write up which hopefully will help you decide

Berlin 1942
From the smoking ruins of a bombed Berlin brothel, nine shocked and injured female survivors are taken to a secluded retreat by Nazi officer, Gruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich. They’re not there for official business or for medical treatment though, Heydrich has brought them there for a much more sinister reason.
Trained by the SS officer to gather intelligence, the women are desperate to survive. They turn the tables on their armed captors and kill them. After covering their tracks, the women return to Berlin to ply the only trade they know… with an added twist. Somehow these ‘sisters in arms’ escape the attention of the Nazis despite the high rank of their victim, and their lucrative business thrives.
They haven’t escaped everyone’s notice though. British Intelligence were monitoring Heydrich’s operations for some time, and their attention has zeroed in on the nine women. They dispatch one of their top male agents to make contact…

cover one

front cover 2

cover two

spine and front

cover three

Blue ring assassins

what about this one folks?

Screenshot (7)

please make your selection and help me sort this out folks… use the comments box please