WWII Food Rationing

Before WWII broke out the UK was importing over 50 million tons of food a year from all over the world.

At the outbreak of WWII on September 1939 the British government decided they had to cut back on importing food due to the amount of ships transporting food to the UK that were being sunk by German U-Boats.

As a direct result of this action the government became concerned about the amount of food that was now available and so introduced food rationing.


Rationing of food lasted for 14 years in the UK and ended on July 4, 1954.

Here is how it worked

Each person in the UK was given a ration book, they then were able to purchase limited amounts of certain foods each week, as they did so the shop keeper would cross the item off their ration book.

Which foods were rationed

meat jam biscuits
fish tea breakfast cereals,
cheese eggs milk,
tinned tomatoes peas dried fruit


canned fruit,


cooking fat


Individual adult ration allowance per week

Butter: 50g (2oz) Bacon and ham: 100g (4oz) Margarine: 100g (4oz)
Sugar: 225g (8oz). Meat: To the value of 1s.2d (one shilling and sixpence per week. That is about 6p today) Milk: 3 pints (1800ml) occasionally dropping to 2 pints (1200ml).
Cheese: 2oz (50g) Eggs: 1 fresh egg a week. Tea: 50g (2oz).
Jam: 450g (1lb) every two months. Dried eggs 1 packet every four weeks. Sweets: 350g (12oz) every four weeks

in addition to this every person had sixteen (16) points per week to spend on which ever food item they wanted.

The ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign started in October 1939

Every person in the UK was required to start producing their own food, flower beds were turned into veggie plots, lawns were dug up and planted with veg, many people kept chickens and other poultry as well as pigs.

The need to become creative with their cooking was never more required than during these desperate times.

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WWII recipe book cover mock up

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Food foraging during WWII and rationing

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WWII foraging cook book cover mock up

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