Side Hustles – Earning extra cash in the UK

Not war related as such

Unless you include the popular TV series “Storage wars” “storage wars UK”.

I have just read an article in HRNews online that reports 59.9% of Brit’s who work on side hustles claim that they started their side hustle to earn extra money.

Here are some of the reasons given for side hustles in the UK

To earn extra money

Just for fun

To improve a hobby

For added job security

To start a new career

A third (33.2%) of Brit’s start side hustles and turn them into full time careers.

What is your side hustle and how is it going? comments please…

I have admittedly watched the TV shows mentioned above and sat through the show going through the emotions with them, will they? wont they? find anything of value.

Then I came across another article giving the full skinny on these shows, “its all make believe folks”  just for TV.

Then I thought, what a great way to earn some extra cash, so I did some searching, and more searching, oh and more searching, spent hours searching for information, checking out sites, what a mine field!!

It was time to collate all that new found knowledge into one place, a reference book so to speak, which I did, now it takes me seconds to find local auctions, most of which are online in the UK.  It isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it can be a dirty job, but you can certainly make a solid extra income.

There have being some big finds in the UK over the years!!!

So, to unlock the potential of buying abandoned storage units then here is the book, available on

UK cover mock up

The book has easy to follow instructions, loads of site links for both buying units and selling your items on, tips and tools required,everything you need to get started. It covers the whole of the UK.

Happy hunting

Coming soon books to cover USA & Australia