Book Characters….

So has I am sure some of you guys already know, I am writing a WWII thriller…

Berlin  1939  –  1943

From the smoking ruins of a bombed Berlin brothel, three shocked and injured female survivors are taken to a secluded retreat by Nazi officer, Gruppenführer Watler Schellenberg. They’re not there for official business or for medical treatment though, Schellenberg has brought them there for a much more sinister reason.

Trained by the SS officer to gather intelligence, the women are desperate to survive. They turn the tables on their armed captors and kill them. After covering their tracks, the women return to Berlin to ply the only trade they know… with an added twist. Somehow these ‘sisters in arms’ escape the attention of the Nazis despite the high rank of their victim, and their lucrative business thrives.

They haven’t escaped everyone’s notice though. British Intelligence were monitoring Schellenberg’s operations for some time, and their attention has zeroed in on the three women. They dispatch one of their top male agents to make contact…

Don’t miss this gripping WWII thriller by exciting new author Stephen Cohen.

Screenshot (37)

Its based on authentic events, Berlin 1939  – 1943 and I am hoping it will turn into a series..  pre – order your copy here

So the other day, whilst searching for something on the tinterweb I realised that very few if anyone at all actually introduces their character/s to their readers….

Now…when reading a novel we all like to use our creative imagination…I get that, but what if someone (the author) decided to go outside the box and introduce their character/s through pictures and a short paragraph of introduction?

Not in the book itself but for arguments sake lets say, on a web page? something like this..


Gabriele, is actually one of my main characters in my book, had the above picture’s taken to see how it would/could look…..

Anyway, I got to thinking about the idea of introduction, a web page dedicated to the girls, each one presenting their own introduction, insights into their individual characteristics, their thoughts and so on….following in their footsteps with mission pictures, debriefs and more.

But then it hit me…the book is based in 1939 Germany, most of the girls would certainly not look like they do in the pictures today…  infact they would look more like this..skeleton-1561177_1280


What is your view folks?

Am I removing a person required imagination when reading or providing more insight into each character?

I would be interested in knowing your thoughts on this so please leave a comment…

4 thoughts on “Book Characters….

  1. All World War ii fiction is tainted and biased in my view as it takes as a prerequisite (and accepts) the Western historiography of the period. The official history of the period is largely propaganda, and is thus correctly labelled fake history.


    1. Larry
      Walter Friedrich Schellenberg (16 January 1910 – 31 March 1952)
      Schmidt, Kitty, better known as Madame Katharina Zammit, born in 1882 in Berlin, the daughter of a butcher became the owner of Berlin’s top brothel the ‘Pension Schmidt’ located at No.11, Giesebrecht Strasse
      These are the facts…. nothing fake about these individuals…which is what the fictional story is based on..


    1. Thanks for the input MB….I do almost now have all 8 character photos done…..The models are embracing the concept, they are all writing their own introductions… it just might happen…

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